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Plastic Injection Molding Services and Capabilities

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Bruin Manufacturing offers complete plastic injection molding capabilities. If it fits in the palm of your hand, Bruin can make it.  We produce very small hot runner parts, down to 0.05 grams SO FAR, and are capable of tolerances down to 1/1000 of an inch.  This makes Bruin Manufacturing a leader in injecting molding plastic products, and invaluable to many industries.

At Bruin Manufacturing, we offer a full range of precision plastic injection molding services, including: Pro/Engineer, CAD/CAM technology and AutoCAD modeling and design software, EDM electrical discharge machining, optical and mechanical measuring and inspection tools, bar coding systems, value-added operations, such as sonic welding, and parts assembly.

Bruin Manufacturing: The Plastic Injection Molding Leader

Bruin leads the industry in plastic injection molding, with our 50-ton range and below molding presses. Also, all mold cavities and components that are subject to wear on Bruin machines are built of hardened tool steel and designed modularly for easy maintenance and less down time. We design our molds to exceed the life of your project.

Most importantly, we cut the waste, both in materials and in production time.  Bruin Manufacturing is known for our hot runner system.  We developed this in the early 1960s, in the quest for total automation of plastic injection molding.  This system keeps the runners hot and shuts off the gate cleanly and smoothly, to eliminate waste.  Customers get highly finished parts without extra trimming and finishing costs.

“Lights Out” Production:  Lean Manufacturing

Bruin Manufacturing also employs a “lights out” production concept.  Our totally automated production systems run all night long, completely unattended.  Lights out production cuts labor and overhead costs.  All this means our customers get better prices on each precision plastic injection molding job we do.

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