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Sample of Overmolding-Wild Game Call Threaded Fitting-Plastic Molding Injection

What's New at Bruin Manufacturing

Bruin Manufacturing is an expert in the plastic molding injection process. We are a key supplier of plastic injection moldings for numerous industries. We have created injection molded plastics for the construction and agricultural industries, appliance makers, gas regulators and hand tool manufacturers just to name a few. Bruin continues to increase its customer base and is continuously expanding into new markets. Whatever your need for injection molded plastics, Bruin Manufacturing can deliver the parts.


Bruin Manufacturing is developing our expertise in the overmolding process. This process takes a plastic part and molds another plastic overlayment on top of it. Overmolding serves a number of purposes, including making a part more user-friendly, easier to hold, or improving it visually to be more attractive and eye-catching. Bruin Manufacturing continues to hone its overmolding capabilities, to deliver the kind of innovative injection molded plastics our customers need and want.  Visit our injection molding photo gallery for examples of overmolding and other injection molding capabilities.

State of the art design and assembly services

Whether it’s overmolding or another process for injection molded plastics, Bruin Manufacturing can assist any client from the design phase all the way through to assembly services. We feature complete mold making and manufacturing capabilities and have automated molding presses in the 50-ton and below size to deliver the highest quality injection molded plastics.

Bruin Manufacturing is updating and upgrading machinery and facilities, continually improving upon our capabilities. Major manufacturers depend on us for consistent quality across millions of parts, while smaller operations also benefit from our cost-effective design tools and production service. Bruin’s completely integrated molding facility means quality parts at lower costs.

Lean Manufacturing at Bruin

Lean Manufacturing has become increasingly popular over the last decade. At Bruin Manufacturing, we have been using lean principles in our design and manufacturing processes since the 1960’s. Bruin Manufacturing designed and developed a proprietary hot runner system to eliminate material waste from a cold gated system. We began 'lights out' production in the 1960’s with our automated presses running 24 hours a day with no operators.

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