Injection Mold Tooling Services

Injection molding is an affordable way to manufacture large quantities of precision plastic components and assemblies. Obtaining consistent finished product quality, however, requires not only a knowledgeable and dedicated plastic injection molder but high-quality tooling as well. Plastic injection tooling, specifically tooling design, ensures the quality of the molded parts produced. At Bruin, our goal is to provide services for your plastic injection molded parts that allow you to have both quality and long-lasting parts that are designed to your specifications. 

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Tooling Process for Injection Molding 

At Bruin Manufacturing, we design and fabricate molds from premium materials to exact dimensional requirements. This approach ensures unmatched repeatability even when operating at high speeds.

Nearly every mold we fabricate adheres to the Society of Plastics Industry’s Class 101 standard. As the SPI’s highest mold category, Class 101 tooling offers the following benefits:

  • Allows 1 million cycles or more
  • High production level
  • Constructed of premium tool steel
  • Withstands fast cycle times

Injection Mold Tooling Capabilities 

One-off, small batch or research and design projects can benefit from our prototyping or bridge molds, which are optimized for lower volume or temporary production needs. Developed to produce finished products with the same consistency as our traditional tooling, but not designed for 1 million cycles or more, these molds are less expensive to manufacture. These cost savings are happily passed onto our clients.

To ensure molds maintain their desired characteristics even under fast cycle times, Bruin Manufacturing utilizes exceptional materials. Mold bases are manufactured from lightweight but corrosion resistant stainless steel. Hardened tool steel inserts and cores provide robust strength. 

At Bruin Manufacturing, we stand behind our injection mold tooling. Every mold we manufacture is warranted for the life of the product.

A superior mold is crucial for achieving quality, production and cost objectives. Take your injection-molded component and assembly manufacturing to the next level with Bruin Manufacturing.

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