Experience and innovation in plastic injection molding

The entire plastics injection molding process is unique at Bruin Manufacturing. We feature a lights-out production concept, where the machines run unattended around the clock. Bruin is turning out plastic injection moldings 24 hours a day, with complete consistency at the lowest possible cost. It’s all about teamwork at Bruin Manufacturing, a leading plastic molding company. Since we are totally integrated in automatic plastic injection molding, our services are customizable, from consulting to turnkey. We also have onsite plastic injection molding engineers to help in the design phase. Bruin’s in-house talent can help take your project from rough idea to finished product, and we’ll do it quickly and economically. Contact the leading innovative plastic injection mold manufacturer today!

Lights Out Lights Out

Lights Out

Top of the Line Quality Top of the Line Quality

Top of the Line Quality

Fast Job Turnaround Fast Job Turnaround

Fast Job Turnaround

In-House Tooling In-House Tooling

In-House Tooling

Bottom Line Cost Savings Bottom Line Cost Savings

Bottom Line Cost Savings

Full Service Full Service

Full Service

Small Parts Plastic Injection Molding Company

Plastic Injection Molding Services


Bruin Manufacturing has provided injection-molded plastic part and assembly production services to hundreds of clients operating in a variety of business sectors.

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Bruin Manufacturing is a full-service automatic plastic molding company with assembly services.

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Bruin Manufacturing Capabilities

Bruin Manufacturing offers complete plastic injection molding capabilities. If it fits in the palm of your hand, Bruin can make it.

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Quote Factors
Quote Factors for Plastic Injection Molding

Several factors come into play when quoting a plastic injection molded part. Click here to learn more about some of the factors that are considered in Bruin Manufacturing's quotes.

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Injection Molding Manufacturing

In today’s ever-evolving manufacturing environment, plastics are used to make everything from automotive components to medical devices.

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