Injection Molding Automatic Assembly

When partnering with Bruin Manufacturing on the automated assembly of plastic parts, you can expect high-value results tailored to your application. Ideal for clients that need large-volume production or desire limited human interaction, our automated assembly solutions include:

  • Self-assembling molds
  • Automated assembly cells
  • Automatic packaging systems
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Injection Molding Automation Assembly

Automatic Assembly Benefits

When designing a pair of injection-molded thermoplastic parts that will be mated together, our designers and engineers can develop molds with distinct mechanisims that connect the parts together during the mold cycle. Self-assembling molds, which are also called self-mating molds, offer a variety of benefits:

  •  A single mold produces both components
  • Avoids additional tooling and machine costs
  • The final product designed from a single design, not two or more
  • When your design is ready to order, both components go into production
  • If design modifications are needed, you’re working from a single CAD model
  • Maintaining inventory of a single part is easier and less expensive than multiple parts

Automatic Assembly Capabilities

Another way Bruin Manufacturing automatically assembles the injection-molded plastic parts we make is with custom-built robotics. We can design and fabricate automated assembly cells onto the end of each production line or in a designated assembly area and put together components. These cells can be customized with an array of capabilities, examples of which include:

  • Bowl feeder
  • Part orientation
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Inspections
  • Packaging
  • Cooperative Robots (co-bots)

Automated assembly cells enable flexible, reliable assembly of injection-molded plastic parts and are custom designed for specific applications. As a result, they are ideal for high-volume orders. Additional benefits of our automated assembly cell solutions include:

  • Precision assembly
  • High-speed assembly
  • On-line or off-line assembly
  • Limited to zero human interaction

Automatic Assembly Applications 

Having us assemble your injection-molded plastic products keeps fabrication and build activities under one roof. This helps reduce variability, alleviate bottlenecks and provide consistent output. Our automated assembly services are ideal for companies in the following business sectors:

Bruin Manufacturing adds flexibility to your supply chain by offering a variety of custom automated assembly solutions at competitive prices.

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