Plastic Injection Molding Consultation

The art of designing a product and the process of manufacturing one are two very different disciplines, and each has its own particular set of challenges. From scrapped material to idled machines and crews, any error or defect discovered during production is more costly to resolve than when found in the design phase.

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Design Assistance For Injection Molding

Bruin Manufacturing offers high-value product design assistance for injection-molded plastic parts and assemblies manufactured at our facility. During this process, we work to eliminate deficiencies that negatively impact the fit, form, function, and ease of manufacturability. Upon completion, final designs will ultimately produce high-performing, simple-to-manufacture end products.

From basic parts to complex multi-action assemblies, our product design assistance services are ideal for clients of all sizes and capabilities. Benefits include:

  • Develops manufacturing best practices
  • Improves turnaround time
  • Higher quality
  • Enhances profitability
  • Boosts productivity
  • Eliminates bottlenecks
  • Reduces expenses

Plastic Injection Molding Consultation Process

During a development cycle, often the group that designs a part or assembly does not consider or understand how the final product will be manufactured or assembled. The production team is left to figure it out. Ultimately, this lack of collaboration and efficiency hurts product sellers and buyers.

At Bruin Manufacturing, our innovative engineering, design, and production specialists can work hand-in-hand with your team to optimize part design aspects. Through years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive approach to moving products from concept to quality finished products quickly and efficiently.

Injection Molding Consultation Capabilites

  • Proficient with major CAD software
  • Can work with 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Emphasis on design for manufacturability, which aims to optimize manufacturing and assembly processes to reduce the overall cost
  • Holistic product design approach, which can give your product a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Provide design solutions for part consolidation and complex assemblies
  • Prototyping capabilities are available, which enables you to evaluate form, fit, and function or prove design concepts and assist with marketing needs

It’s vital to think about how your product will be manufactured before sending your print or model to a vendor for manufacture. A properly designed part or assembly will be easy to make and perform as intended without the high cost of last-minute design changes.

At Bruin Manufacturing, we’re your product design assistance partner for plastic injection molding and molded parts. Contact us for more information.


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