Plastic Injection Molding Engineering Services 

In today’s ever-evolving manufacturing environment, plastics are used to make everything from automotive components to implantable medical devices. Given the high quality and quick turnaround required to produce custom plastic components, it’s best to consider working with injection-molding experts.

At Bruin Manufacturing, we offer a full suite of design and engineering services to help customers in the development of simple and complex plastic components and assemblies. Our capabilities include:

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Injection Molding Engineering Process

With many years of combined experience under their belts, the engineers at Bruin Manufacturing know optimal part design can improve production capabilities while reducing costs. Our engineering group provides design assistance and develops products with the industry’s latest solid-modeling tools. 

Creo modeling software enables our team to view and work with your print or 3D CAD file in various formats. Files are carefully reviewed, and a variety of factors are considered. Examples include:

  • Proper draft
  • Wall thickness uniformity
  • Shrinkage
  • Cosmetic challenges
  • Dimensional stability

Our engineers and analysts use innovative mold flow analysis software, which simulates how a part will fill and predicts stresses introduced, if any. Mold flow analysis from Bruin Manufacturing can help determine the ideal design and molding process for your application. Other benefits include:

  • Avoids production delays resulting from previously unforeseen issues
  • Makes easier-to-manufacture parts
  • Ensures components are less expensive to produce

Plastic Injection Molding Designs

The placement of a gate in an injection mold is one of the most critical mold design variables. Gate location can significantly impact a molded part because it influences the manner in which plastic flows into the mold cavity. Improper gate location can result in:

  • Feature warpage
  • Weldline
  • Overpack

Improve your injection-molded products with gate optimization services from Bruin Manufacturing. We can troubleshoot existing issues or prevent costly mistakes before production begins.

Injection Molding Tooling Designs

Properly designed mold tooling will produce the part required as efficiently as possible with maximum output and minimal downtime. Utilizing premium materials, tooling we design and manufacture are warranted for the life of the product.

Our expert design and engineering team can work with you to develop the right molds, or improve an existing one. With decades of experience, we can design tooling with sophisticated mechanisms, such as unthreading cores, cammed core pulls, collapsing cores and even self-assembly of multiple parts as the mold opens.

Injection Molding material selection 

Choosing the right material for the job is vitally important, as material characteristics play a major role in the success of injection-molded parts. Our knowledgeable engineers have extensive experience with a variety of engineeringcommodity and specialty plastic materials. Will work with your team to understand the product, its intended use, expected operating environment and any cost considerations.

Common materials from which we manufacture injected-molded parts include:

  • Polypropylenes
  • Nylons
  • Polyesters
  • Acetals
  • Polycarbonates
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polystyrenes
  • Polypropylenes

At Bruin Manufacturing, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Combining years of experience with cutting-edge technologies, we ensure quality and efficient research, design, and production of your injection-molded components and assemblies.

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