Injection Molding Manual Assembly 

In today’s economy, many businesses outsource plastic component assemblies to third-party manufacturers to save money. Although this idea is initially positive, the workforce and shop space needed to receive and assemble piece parts into a final product can be both time consuming and incredibly expensive.

Streamline delivery of end products built with injection-molded plastic parts to market with high-value manual assembly services from Bruin Manufacturing. A leading plastic injection molder specializing in around-the-clock production of plastic parts, we also offer our clients value-added assembly services to simplify production, eliminate unnecessary transportation and ultimately further reduce an upper-level item’s total build cost and lead time.

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Plastic Injection Molding Manual Service

When taking advantage of our manual assembly capabilities, your injection-molded plastic components are hand-assembled immediately after coming off production lines. Our highly trained technicians handle parts with care, joining mating parts with a keen eye for quality. Additional benefits of Bruin Manufacturing’s manual assembly services include:

  • Reliably
  • Quality
  • Output consistency
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced lead time

Manual Assembly Applications

Having our team assemble your injection-molded plastic products manually keeps fabrication and build activities under one roof. This helps reduce variability, eliminate bottlenecks and provide consistent output. Our hand-assembly services are ideal for companies in the following business sectors:

To further simplify your injection-molded plastic assembly supply chain, upon request Bruin Manufacturing can package and ship the products we mold and assemble per your delivery criteria.

Take the hassle out of injection-molded plastic component assembly by letting Bruin Manufacturing do it. Your products are in good hands with us.


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