Sam Devick

My 1st trip to Bruin was in March of 1976, so I’ve been told. I was 2 weeks old and my mom brought me in. My first memories of Bruin would be of the countless times my dad brought me down on Saturdays so he could work on or weld on something. I always liked hanging out with him and being around all the machines. I also enjoyed using the pallet jacks as a scooter and would race up and down the aisles. I worked here for 3 different summers, doing all sorts of jobs, in high school. From cleaning out the oil trays underneath the molding machines, to sorting parts and filling hoppers with material, to CAD. During Christmas time of 2012, while working as a project manager for an engineering consultant, I got a call, asking if I would like to work here, to which I said yes. I became owner on December 23, 2017, when my dad passed away in an airplane accident. Miss you dad.

So, today, we look onward and upward. We’re firm believers in reinvesting in new technology, automation, and in our people. And the future looks bright!


Chad Dielschneider

I started with Bruin Manufacturing right out of college in 1984 as a mold designer. Since that time, I came up through the engineering ranks, previously holding the position of Engineering Manager and Vice President. It has been an honor to hold the position of President/CEO since 2015. Every day is different and challenging at Bruin and a true engineering paradise. My father was an inventor so coming to Bruin was like home to me. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by talented and creative mentors that encouraged me to take a chance and think outside the box.

If you weren’t working at Bruin, where would you be? I would be spending time with Karla (my wife) at the cabin with friends and family or visiting our kids and grandkids. You may also find me working on a DIY home improvement project or working in the yard.

CFO/General Manager

Carolyn Himes

I was born and raised in Marshalltown, IA—right next door to Bruin Manufacturing! After graduating from college, I applied for a rare job opening in Bruin’s front office. Starting out as a Customer Service Representative, I progressed through the organization and after over 30 years, I am currently serving as Bruin’s General Manager and CFO. I am blessed to have known and worked with three generations of a proud, family-owned company. I truly believe that no one employee is more important than another, and each employee makes a significant contribution to the success of the company. If every cog of the wheel operates at its optimum level, the entire organization performs as it should, which results in high-quality parts, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and our own personal pride knowing that we made a difference.

Engineering Team Lead

Tanner Dielschneider

I started at Bruin in March of 2015 as a tooling engineer. Before working at Bruin, I was a mechanical designer for Kinze Manufacturing where I gained experience and developed fundamentals in the design field. I have always had a passion for building things and solving problems, which is why I ended up in the engineering field. I love seeing parts develop from initial concepts all the way to a final product. It is something to be proud of when you can bring a customer’s idea to life!

What is your favorite meal? I love Mexican food, specifically the Cinco Sampler from Carlos O’Kelly’s.

Production Manager

Greg Stalzer

I started working at Bruin in 1976. My life has evolved around this company since then. I have had the privilege to work and learn from some very outstanding people over the years. Bruin has given me the chance to have a pretty awesome life. I have been taught that customer satisfaction along with quality and on-time delivery are all high priorities here. This is what I love about my job and what I strive for every day!

If you weren’t working at Bruin, where would you be? If I hadn’t gotten a Job at Bruin 44 years ago, I would most likely not have met my wife who also works here. We wouldn’t have had our 2 awesome daughters, son-in-law, or our 2 sweet grandchildren.

Shipping / Secondary Manager

Terri Stalzer

I started working at Bruin 42 years ago. What I love most about Bruin is the “we are all family” feeling that has been with this company since I started. This feeling comes from everyone knowing that whatever their job is at Bruin, it is equally important to getting quality parts out of the door. What I have learned and value the most is Bruin’s commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. Quality is Bruin’s number one priority.

If you weren’t working at Bruin, where would you be? I would love to own and operate a doggie daycare. This would be a spacious acreage that the dogs could run and play without being in kennels. I simply love all dogs

Tool Room Manager

Gary Moorman

I started working at Bruin 1978. I have always been a hands-on, problem solving type of person. That makes it easy to come to work each day. I also enjoy the people I get to work with.

If you weren’t working at Bruin, where would you be? I’d be spending time with family and friends, hiking and jeeping in the mountains of Colorado.

Quality Manager

Mike Ray

I love the family atmosphere here at Bruin. It makes coming to work even more enjoyable. One tip I’d like to share is don’t be afraid of change. It can be a good thing if done correctly. Accept, enhance, and make it your own.

What is your favorite meal? Steak that I grill myself with a baked potato and corn on the cob.

Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Nick Hutchens

I was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps in July of 2014 and worked a couple of odd jobs while going to school. One day, I received a call from Tanner Dielschneider informing me of an opening in Bruin’s Mixing department. I applied and accepted the position in August of 2015. Looking back, this was the pivotal moment of my career. Bruin has been the place where I have grown professionally and learned valuable skills that will last a lifetime. My advice for those still growing in their career paths is to constantly try and learn new things.

What is one fun fact about you? I have been to 6 different countries and flown around the world. My favorite book of all-time is Huckleberry Finn. The overall theme of the book is entirely different than those that came before it.

Maintenance Team Lead

Bob Sager

Before I started working at Bruin, I was a metal fabricator/welder for 12 years. I have also had a handyman service for the past 7 years, and I put about 15-30hrs a week into that. If I wasn’t working at Bruin, I would probably still be doing welding and metal fabrication or running my handyman service full time.

What is one fun fact about you? I fought MMA for 2 years.

Customer Service Representative

Kelsey Foster

When I started working at Bruin in 2018, I was hired in the Secondary Department. In 2020 I transitioned to my current role as the Customer Service Representative in the front office. What I’ve found to love about this company is how positive the workplace environment is. Not only do I feel like I have a sense of belonging with the people who work here, but I enjoy how every person is just as valued as the next and we are ALL a core part of the team.

What is your favorite meal? I love Mexican steak street tacos!

Marketing/Culture Coordinator

Kate Bowermaster

I started in the accounting world here at Bruin in 2014, but I currently work as the Marketing/Culture Coordinator. I’ve learned a lot and enjoy seeing all the ways we can push our brand externally while improving company culture through internal marketing and even working with HR. It’s all connected!

If you weren’t working at Bruin, where would you be? If I wasn’t working at Bruin (and money wasn’t a thing), I’d likely be teaching a boot camp class and enjoying the lake life with my family in Northern Minnesota.

Tool Room Team Lead

Levi Mostrom

I started at Bruin in August of 2013 working in the mixing department. After seeing such complex molds making parts, it didn’t take me long to realize toolmaking was something that I wanted to pursue. In August 2015 I went to DMACC for tool and die, and in July 2017 I was back full time in the toolroom. I get to work on a wide variety of things and have a great group of guys to work with. I love the challenge of toolmaking. I look back and am very grateful for the opportunity I was given here at Bruin.

What is one fun fact about you? I started ice skating before I turned three and played hockey in Ames for 16 years.

Accounting Clerk/HR Coordinator

Reeba Bloom

I started out at Bruin in 2015 in the Secondary Operations Department. Shortly after I was hired, I was moved into the Shipping Department. From the Shipping Department, I made my way into the front office as an Accounting Clerk in 2018. In 2020, I absorbed the HR role. My favorite thing about Bruin is that we are family-owned and family-operated. We aren’t a huge corporation that only knows you by your ID number. I love the room for growth and the opportunities that are given here. Bruin has faith in their own employees and believes that each person’s success is what has made Bruin a great company for over 70 years.

What is one fun fact about you? I have been out of the country, but I have never flown on an airplane.