Engineering, Commodity & Specialty Plastic Injection Molding

Robust, lightweight, and moldable, plastics play a crucial role in societies around the world. They are manufactured into countless products that add comfort, convenience, and safety to just about everything we do, from packaging for the foods we eat to components in the cars, boats, trains, and airplanes we operate.

As a leading injection molded plastic product fabricator, Bruin Manufacturing can produce high-quality plastic components, small parts or otherwise, and assemblies from just about any available polymer. Typically, we make products using plastics from the following polymeric material groups:

Generally speaking, engineered plastics are ideal for challenging applications. Commodity plastics, however, are often selected to make every day or limited-use products that don’t require robust performance. Specialty plastics, on the other hand, are custom-designed to serve a specific purpose.

Choosing Plastic Injection Molding Material

With more than 85,000 different types of plastic polymers available, it can be overwhelming to pick the right material for your injection molded part or assembly. Experts in the manufacture of injection-molded plastic products designed to perform in both noncritical and demanding environments, our specialists can help you choose the best materials for products made by Bruin Manufacturing.

We sit down with you to learn about what you want to make and its planned purpose. Depending on unique goals, requirements, and intended uses, one material might be a better option than another. Critical aspects to consider are:

  • Environment
  • Performance characteristics
  • Complexity
  • Capacity
  • Budget

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Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Engineered plastics are a group of thermoplastics with physical properties that allow for prolonged performance in demanding environments.

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Commodity Plastics

Commodity Plastics

Commodity plastics are found throughout daily life, from limited-use items such as plastic bags to high-value items that don’t require precise performance characteristics.

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Custom designed to exhibit certain mechanical and chemical characteristics, specialty plastics serve a specific purpose.

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