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Comprehensive Plastic Molding and Assembly Services

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Bruin Manufacturing is a full-service automatic plastic molding company with assembly services.  Let us attend to every step in the process, from design all the way through to assembly and delivery.  Once we’ve created your plastic injection mold and completed the production run, Bruin Manufacturing can deliver basic assembly services with consistency.

Manual and Automatic Assembly Services

We offer numerous assembly services, including manual and automated assembly with both molded and purchased components. The designers at Bruin Manufacturing refine parts and processes to avoid secondary operations where possible, resulting in a more cost-effective production process for our customers. If your project allows, we do in-mold assembly where two or more components are molded as separate cavities in the same die, assembled together and then ejected as one completed unit.

Ultrasonic Welding Services

Bruin Manufacturing also offers ultrasonic welding services. With ultrasonic welding, plastic parts are welded together using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.  Ultrasonic welding does not use any connective fasteners or materials to bind the materials.  This type of welding works well in building plastic assemblies which are small, delicate, or otherwise complex.

Secure, Custom Packaging of Injection Molded Parts

The packaging process is also related to our assembly services.  Most of the products Bruin Manufacturing makes are packaged in bulk and shipped out that way.  However, at Bruin, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  For this reason, we can also do individual packaging and bagging, including moisturizing or egg crating.  Numerous precautions help ensure that Bruin Manufacturing will assemble your products correctly and ship them quickly and safely wherever they need to go.

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